Turkey Time Slots

Turkeys are known for their link to Thanksgiving. This is because a lot of people eat a turkey dinner. The world famous Macy's New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade features some floats or balloons with turkeys. Ben Franklin said the turkey should be America's national bird. Luckily, America chose the more majestic bald eagle instead.

There is a slot machine about this type of poultry. It is called Turkey Time Slots. This is a pretty classic and basic slot machine. It has three reels and one pay line. It might not have all the latest bells and whistles of some of the more modern 3D video slots. However, sometimes simple is better and less is more.

Thanksgiving Fun Awaits!

Slot machine symbols are how one wins at this type of game. Winning happens when combinations of them stop on the pay line. They usually tie into the theme of the game. The reel symbols in Turkey Time include a Leaf, Pilgrim's Hut, Pumpkin Pie and the Turkey.

The maximum amount a gambler can wager per spin is $30. This slot is notable for having a bonus game.

With Turkey Time you can have all the fun of Thanksgiving without having to endure your drunk uncle talking about current events. Head on over to your favorite online casino and try it out today.