Triple 10x Wild Slots

That title provides some clues to what is waiting for you if you decide to try this slot game. It isn't the biggest game you'll have played, and it's not one with loads of features either. Yet it manages to bring excitement and thrills to the table, and that alone is a good thing.

Format of reels and win lines

The game has been stripped back to basics here. There are three reels and only one line involved.

Coin values

A cent coin means you can play this one as a penny slot. Richer bidders can head to the maximum $10 coin, too. Up to three coins can be played on the payline per spin.

Special symbols to look for in Triple 10x Wild

This is where the fun begins. There isn't one wild in Triple 10x Wild - there's two. These are shown with multiplier values on them, so one is labeled as x3 and the other is labelled x10. If you get one of those wilds in a winning line combination, your prize is multiplied by that value.

But if you manage to get a random symbol, a 3x wild, and a 10x wild, the three-symbol prize will be multiplied big time. Why? The wilds multiply by each other, providing you with a whopping 30x wild to boost that prize.

Bonus features

The main bonus here is going for the biggest multiplier you can get. If you manage that, you will be celebrating a massive prize. There are no free spins here, and no other bonuses either.

Download and enjoy playing the Triple 10x Wild slot game now!

You might recognize the presentation of this game when you first load the Triple 10x Wild slot game. But that is no bad thing. The wilds are never a guarantee in a three-reel slot, so to find two of them here is great. And you'll be watching to see if you can line up the right ones on the payline to trigger the biggest prizes.

If you manage that, we think this game could prove to be a big favorite for you. That would be great, especially if you can win more than you wager on it. With a one-cent minimum spin bet, it's also a game that is accessible to everyone. So, have some fun with Triple 10x Wild slots today.