Instant Play

Liberty Slots Casino offers its casino players what is known as instant play. In Liberty Slots Casino Instant Play, there is no need to download any software. This is wonderful for someone who is concerned about protecting a computer. All of the major software available at the casino have instant play versions. Players can count on the exact same quality of casino games as in the download version of the casino

One of the great things you will notice when using Instant Play is that it is quick. In the same time it would take a player to download casino software, the player can open the computer browser and start playing. Liberty Slots Casino Instant Play introduces a new way of playing casino games. Players have come to enjoy it because it means not having to put something new on their computer and can save computer space. Instant play is a wonderful alternative to the traditional download version.

Instant play at Liberty Slots is also called "no download casino" or "flash casino."Liberty Slots Flash Casino refers to the type of computer technology called Flash which is already in the latest Internet browsers. Therefore, both PC and MAC users can participate in Liberty Slots Casino Instant Play.

Bonuses and More Bonuses

Quickly you will discover that just by being on this site, you do not need to go searching all over the Internet to discover the best bonuses at Liberty Slots. Everything is already laid out for you, and the hardest part would be to decide which of these bonuses you would like to redeem. There are a lot of bonuses to choose from such as no deposit bonuses, the welcome bonus, rewards club bonuses, and deposit bonuses. There is a deposit for each day of the week, and regardless of your player level you may be guaranteed a deposit for each bonus you make. These bonuses can range from 50% match bonuses to 100% match bonuses and more. Loyal casino members will be rewarded for their participation at Liberty Slots.

Play Online With Bitcoins

Bitcoin is fast becoming the payment option of choice for a lot of online casino players. For this reason, it is no surprise that it is offered here as a payment option in Liberty Slots Instant Play Casino. Some players prefer to use Bitcoins because they will not have to use their credit cards directly to the casino. This is a good way to keep your casino payments out of your credit card and away from prying eyes. It is also understandable that many will choose Bitcoins as it allows players who are not allowed to use their bank accounts to play in casinos a chance to make wagers. These players will not have to be under the thumb of their financial institution and can freely enjoy online casino games. For these reasons and more, both casino members and the casino to send and receive deposits and withdraws.

Find New Slots Here

Not all online casinos will have new slots available, but this casino is the exception. There is more new slots added on a regular basis than you will have the time to enjoy. The great thing about these new slots is that they are from some of the top online casino software providers. You will have access to playing the very best while a member here. Keep in mind that new slots will vary in theme. The casino can add an animal theme slots, then turn around and offer a new Egyptian slot game. Afterward you can see a food theme game or a sports slots featured as a new game. This way you will not have a reason to be bored and can enjoy diverse gameplay here. Keep in mind that it is not just new slots which are added often, but also new table and specialty games.

Top Casino Tournaments

Casino members might not have given any thought to online casino tournaments, but probably because they were not playing at Liberty Slots Instant Play Casino. Now with the use of instant play, a casino member will not be receiving the full benefit of membership when they ignore these tournaments. The reason is that this online casino has some of the top casino tournaments to be found. Many of these tournaments include featured or popular games. You can even redeem a deposit to enjoy these games and then enter a tournament in the hopes of winning more. There are tournaments for games such as Slots, Blackjack, and Video Poker. Players will have a choice between daily, weekly or monthly tournaments with no or very little buy-in. It is just a matter of getting started and climbing up the leaderboards.

Rewards Club Points are Waiting!

Some online casinos offer very bland rewards or loyalty programs that leave a lot to be desired. However, this is not the case with this online casino. Players will begin at the first level called Amber and can move up to higher levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold - all the way to Diamond level. This is a rewards program that was created with players in mind and it rewards through comp points and deposit bonuses. Casino members can wager certain amounts and can receive comp points based on the games. These points can then be converted to a casino reward to continue with more online fun. At the top level called Diamond, these casino members have collected at least 1,000,000 in comp points. They can look forward to a daily 35% deposit bonus every time they deposit. There is also more comp points to receive for future wagers. At Diamond level in the Rewards Club, players can receive a bonus of up to $500 depending on what day of the week they deposit. For example, the first purchase on a Friday will reward with a 100% bonus, whereas the same purchase on Saturdays and Sundays will give a 75% bonus matched up to $150. Even at the lowest Amber reward level, there is a 10% match bonus of 10% each day and up to $100 for the first deposit. From any angle, this is a winning situation to be a part of the Rewards Club.