Cash Cow Slots

Cash Cow Slots
Cash Cow Slots is a creative and innovative slot machine that will appeal to both new and long time online slot players.

The theme of the game is all about farming and agriculture. Farms have played a prominent role in society. There is a classic novel entitled "Animal Farm". There is a famous little kids song called "Old McDonald had a farm". Most vegetables are grown by farmers. Cows in particular are a critical part of agriculture. This is where beef comes from. Steak is one form of beef from this type of animal. A cow can also be utilized for milk.

This is a game where the player can bet up to 45 lines. There is betting flexibility in this game. This means that gamblers with bankrolls of all sizes are bound to find a financial amount to wager that they can be comfortable with. The game has an interesting layout. It is laid out in a 3D format as opposed to a lot of slot machines that are 2D or simply look like a traditional slot you might find in your local brick and mortar casino. The grid is a farmer's field. The images like a sheep or vegetables are positioned so they stand on the squares. This gives it a cool 3D type effect. There are innovative graphics and sounds in the game. It really captures your imagination and creates a fun experience.

Exciting Bonus Games

Cash Cow has three quality bonus games that give you, the online casino gambler, additional chances to potentially win more. A bonus game can be triggered based off a spin. The first bonus game is based around a multiplier. Winning the multiplier can multiply your potential winnings by up to 5X. Another game is based off cows being milked. This is a logical bonus game because it is based in farming and animals. The third game is all about pigs. “PigChinko” is triggered which is a bonus game that will see you taking the pigs for their mud bath! At the end of each bonus game you could reveal a multiplier value that boosts the value of the cash payment you win via that bonus game!

This clearly is a game that caters to players by giving you multiple opportunities to potentially win money.

Make a financial deposit with your online casino of choice. Play the online slot machine game Cash Cow. You are bound to have barn loads of fun.