Mine all Mine Slots

Mine all Mine is a 5 reel slot machine. The theme of the game is all about mining. People have dug mines throughout the years in search of precious minerals and gem stones. Certain gem stones can be refined into valuable jewelry and sold at a lucrative price.

This slot is very player friendly. It has a whopping three progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a random jackpot that keeps growing in financial size till it is won. Winning a progressive jackpot is totally random. It does not depend on how much you, the online casino gambler, wagered on that spin. It also does not depend on the result of the spin. The first one to keep an eye on is the bronze jackpot. The current bronze jackpot is north of $2,500. The second progressive jackpot to look for is the silver jackpot. This jackpot is north of $12,545.97. The final jackpot is the gold jackpot. The current gold jackpot is north of $55,415.42.

This game has immense wagering flexibility. A person can wager as little as 25 cents all the way up to $625 a spin. The slot machine reel symbols correspond to the theme of mining. One of the symbols is a cart filled with gold on a cart track in a mine. This is certainly appropriate given that miners would build tracks to push their mine carts in and out of a mine. The usual poker symbols of Ace, King, Jack, Ten, Nine and Queen appear in this slot machine game just like they usually do in other slot games. A donkey is another slot reel symbol. There are other reel symbols in addition. The key is for the symbols to match up in combination. This can lead to some potentially profitable payouts for you. The game has 25 pay lines so there are a lot of possible combinations.

Mine up some Fun!

Mine all Mine is a fun online slot machine. This game has quality animations, graphics, sounds, and overall design. It will appeal to both new and veteran online casino gamblers. Most slots are content with having a mere progressive jackpot. The fact that this game has three progressive jackpots makes it worth checking out. Go to your online casino of choice. Make a financial deposit using the method that works best for you. Play the game and mine up a fun and enjoyable slot experience.