Sumo Slots

The Japanese word sumo means striking one another. The objective of the sport is a sumo wrestler attempts to force his opponent out of their circular ring or to touch the ground. A sumo wrestler's feet are the only part of the body allowed to touch the ground. Sumo Wrestling originated in Japan.

Sumo originally started off as a religious ritual over one thousand years ago. It was done at religious shrines to hopefully get a good harvest and honor the sprits. The ritual aspect of the sport endures to this day. Sumo wrestlers, or rikishis as they are sometimes referred to as, throw salt into the air to purify the ring. There are ranks in sumo. Yokozuna is the highest rank a sumo wrestler can attain. A newly promoted yokozuna does his first ring entering ceremony at the Meiji Shrine.

A Sumo contest doesn't last too long in terms of time. The matches are often lightning quick and exciting. Sumo wrestlers start out in the sport by living with a sumo stable. The wrestlers all live, eat, and train together. The younger wrestlers have to do a lot of the cooking and house work since they are out ranked by older and more senior sumo wrestlers.

The makers of this game deserve credit for making a slot machine with such an original theme. There are tons of ancient Egypt slots for example but this one stands out for it's theme.

Giant Wagering Flexibility

There is a slot machine game about this topic. It is appropriately called Sumo slots. This game has 5 reels. There are also up to twenty five pay lines to bet on. There is a wide (no pun intended) range of wagering flexibility in this game going from 0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00, and $50.00 per spin. This means that the maximum bet in Sumo slots is two hundred and fifty dollars a spin.

The slot machine reel symbols for Sumo slots are in keeping with the theme. They include Ace, Geisha Girl, Jack, King, Prayer Wheel, Queen, Ten, Tibetan Priest, and Wind Spinner.

Modern Sumo wrestlers often compete for cash prizes. You don't have to worry about some fat Japanese Sumo wrestler throwing you around or crushing you with his stomach to compete for some cash. The answer can be found in playing the game Sumo Slots.