Luxury Liners Slots

Lots of people like to go on cruises to fun places like the Caribbean. One reason is that unlike a car You don't have to drive it. There is no stress or hassle like when traffic emerges on the road to a vacation destination. Another reason folks like cruise ships are the different activities. Some are known for their wave pools. Others have jacuzzis. Climbing walls are popular activities. Casinos are also popular aboard cruise ships.

There is a slot machine based on the topic of cruise ships. It is titled Luxury Liners. This is a classic three reel slot machine. The symbols in this game include the Cruise Ship, Seven, Cherry, and three Bar symbols. A gambler can wager from one cent up to ten dollars a spin. There is the option to bet one, two, or three times. The maximum amount one is able to bet goes up to thirty dollars a spin.

It is no surprise that the top jackpot in Luxury Liners is linked to the Cruise Ship symbol. The maximum jackpot can potentially be won by wagering the maximum amount. The emergence of three cruise ships on the reels means you just won the jackpot.

Easy To Play

Playing the game is very straight forward. Choose your bet by pressing the bet one button. The next step is to press spin. This sets the slot machine reels into motion. Hitting the Bet Max button gives you the option of making a three times bet on a spin. Pressing Stop Spin manually stops the slot machine from spinning.

You just have to root for the slot machine reel symbols to go your way in terms of forming winning combinations. This game doesn't have advanced graphics or mini games. However, there is something to be said for keeping things simple.

Set sail for a fun and exciting time with Luxury Liner slot today!