Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin's Gold Wild X knows it's audience. The people this game will really appeal to are folks who enjoy the simple pleasure of a regular slot machine without video graphics or animations. This game stands out for it's theme. There are a lot of themes out there that have been used heavily in slot machines like ancient Egypt, Asian themes, animals or Halloween monsters like Dracula. The developers deserve credit for coming up with an original slot machine theme: goblins.

A lot of you might think of Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin from the 2002 Spiderman film when you think of goblins. The computer game World of Warcraft lets players choose goblin as a race when they build a character. The popular film series Harry Potter depicted goblins as short and ugly creatures that ran the bank.

The gameplay in Goblin's Gold Wild X is very straight forward. This slot has one pay line. A gambler can bet from twenty five cents to a high of five dollars. Folks can bet one, two, or three times. The biggest amount a bettor can wager is fifteen dollars a spin. High rollers might not like the wagering limits in this slot machine. However, "penny slot" type bettors will like that the game won't require a ton of money to be wagered for some solid fun and excitement.

Two Big Jackpots

Wild is in the title of the game. A winning combination that includes the Wild 3X symbol will pay out double your wagered bet. Two three X wild symbol multiplies a potential winnings by a stratospheric nine times. There is a stand alone jackpot tied to the three X symbol. A trio of these popping up will land you potentially near twelve thousand five hundred if you are playing the maximum with each spin of the reels.

The highest prize one can win in the game is linked to the dollar reel symbols. An appearance of three of these wins you a staggering amount between 1,500 and 6,000 times. Thirty thousand dollars is the highest amount one could win if you are wagering the maximum on each spin.

Goblin's Gold Wild X stands out in my mind for the two jackpots, original theme, and financial wagering flexibility. It is definitely worth your while to give this game a shot. You are sure to have lots of wild fun and excitement playing Goblin's Gold Wild X slot.